JCSifu James “JC” Cox Priest Fa Shu Shakya
Founder of Golden Dragon Arts
Founder of Naturally Organic Healing Center

Sifu JC (M.Q.T) has been passionately studying Qigong and Tai Chi (Taiji Chuan) for over 20 years. Still studying under Grand Master Dashi Steven Baugh form the Lohan School of Shaolin and is a Medical Qigong Therapist from the International College of Medical Qigong.  JC has learned traditional forms of Qigong including Bau Duan Jin (Eight Pieces of Brocade), Silk Weavers, 5 Elements, Cloud Hands, Massage Qigong, 6 Healing Sounds, Meditation, Iron Shirt 108 Day Practice, Golden Bell, Taoist Tantric arts and he also helps clients with Medical Qigong Therapy.

Sifu JC is a Master Herbalist and Nutritionalist with hands-on 20 years of experience he has worked directly with Dr. Ceyu Cao in Chinese Medicine and with a Master Herbalist in Western Eclectic Herbalism hands on for six years with over 500 different herbs. JC also learned from Grand Master Baugh ancient tonic herbal internal and external formulas.


Certified Medical Qigong Practioner (M.Q.P) from the International Institute of Medical Qigong California under Master Shifu Dr. Bernard Shannon.
Gold Medalist Push Hand Champion of the Las Vegas Chinese Martial Arts Championship. Published co-author of the Lohan Qigong and Tai Chi Chuan Internal Arts manual under the guidance of Grand Master Baugh.

JC took his martial arts and health and nutrition background and combined it together to create “The Trinity of Health” Body Mind Spirit Healing Program.
Founding Earth Healing Formulas in 2003, an organic herbal health supplement company. JC Co-authored and published a health and fitness “Wellness Letter” for six years working as nutritionalist and herbalist at a local health food store. He has taught this program in many places including Wellness clinics, health symposiums herbal seminars, martial arts schools, as well as live radio shows and is the basis of his organic whole food product line.


Reverend James “JC” Cox Priest Fa Shu Shakya Completed his 10-year initiation and priest training program in the study of Buddhism and his 10-year study and focus on Taoism (The Way of Heaven).

JC served as President of the “Lohan Spiritual and Cultural Center” based in Las Vegas and is very passionate and active within his community when it comes to the growth of natural living, organizing earth day events, local farming co-ops and continues to work at his health food store as a Herbalist and Nutritional health consultant.


2013 North American Taiji Straight Sword Champion

International Chinese Martial Arts Championship
Las Vegas “High Roller” Tournament 2012
Overall – Grand Champion Internal Martial Arts Advanced

JC became the 1st disciple of the 8th generation Yang Taiji Chuan under Master Shirfu Joshua Jackson disciple of Grandmaster Xue Li Fu (a.k.a. Jack Fu) of the Lin Mogen, Li Ya Xuan, Yang Cheng fu, Yang Jian Hou, Yang Lu Chan Lineage

International Chinese Martial Arts Championship
Las Vegas “High Roller” Tournament 2013
Overall – Grand Champion Internal Martial Arts Advanced

JC opened his own wellness center and school!
Naturally Organic Healing Center

International Chinese Martial Arts Championship
Overall – Grand Champion Internal Martial Arts Advanced

International Chinese Martial Arts Championship
Overall – Grand Champion Internal Martial Arts Advanced


JC graduated from the International College of Medical Qigong as an MQT (Medical Qigong Therapist) and treats patients on a daily basis with Medical Qigong Therapy.

Sifu JC organized and taught the Medical Qigong Theory for Practitioners 1 Year program to further his understanding of natural medicine, he also teaches ongoing classes in Qigong, Tai Chi and Tai Chi Weapons along with workshops and seminars on Herbalism and Medicine, Meditation, Energy Healing Science and Taoism Internal Arts and more…
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JC is a strong advocate for creating local health and wellness jobs and opportunities for others with his store and school. The store and school both offer different internships and scholarships based in the wellness industry. Giving back to his community has always been a goal of his companies.

JC continues to study Bagua, Tai Chi, and Qigong under Grandmaster Baugh and is also attending the International College of Medical Qigong working on his doctorate in Palm Springs California under Shirfu Dr. Barnard Shannon.

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Sifu JC will be completing his Masters of Medical Qigong in November at the International College of Medical Qigong