Medical Qigong Theory

Thursday 5-7p (20 Weeks – 80 Hours) February 13th – June 25th

Learn to understand energy medicine and energy cultivation methods in this 20 week 40 hours course with weekly study and practice group that will completely change your outlook on the depths and capabilities of the human machine. This course only includes the theoretical side of Medical Qigong and will enhance any student’s of Qigong knowledge and also offer insights to all forms of “Energy Medicine” from different parts of the world.

What is Medical Qigong
Embryological development
18 Rules of Posture
1-10 Hookup
3 Invocations and Vortex Energy
Determine your element composition
Where does reflexology come from
Congenital and acquired cellular patterns
6 Healings Sounds
5 Energies of the human body – heat,
light, sound, electricity, magnetism
Sun Moon Stars in Medicine
Earth Wind and Water in Medicine
18 Types of Energy
Dao Yin Training
Energy Extension Exercises
Manifesting Energy
Chakras and Meditations
and more..

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$1500 / $1300 Cash – Includes detailed email handouts and video access for one year.
$1350 Early bird / $1200 Cash (or 3 Payments of $500 (cash only), five weeks prior to classes)

Thursday 5-7p (20 Weeks 40 Hours) February 13th – June 25th

$800 / $750 Cash Includes detailed email handouts.

$600 Early Bird / Cash only (or 2 Payments of $400 (cash only), five weeks prior to classes)