Medical Qigong Theory Part 1 (Theory and Foundational Practice)

Medical Qigong Theory (200 Hours)
Friday, 1215-215p February 1st through November 15th (42 Weeks)
$1200 / $1100 Cash – Includes detailed handouts and video access for one year.
$1100 Early bird / $1000 Cash – (Before Dec 31st 2018) Additional split payment options available.

Medical Qigong goes beyond just sending energy or Chi as commonly understood by other systems. MQ uses many tools to diagnose and treat clients from the five observations (5 senses) to kinetic, empathic and intuitive skills and more. The system also includes ways to develop these attributes. It also uses hot and cold energy emissions sometimes drawing energy off an area, light therapy, sound frequencies, visualizations and more to treat the body which by the way are all being used by western medicine. 

Do you really want to understand energy medicine and energy cultivation methods?

This one-year weekly study and practice group will completely change your outlook on the depths and capabilities of the human machine. Take whatever healing modality and use the Medical Qigong principles of grounding and clearing and enhance their potential. Take any fitness system and add Medical Qigong principles and take your sport to a new level. Medical Qigong is the grandmother of all energy systems in the world including acupuncture and it is the most in-depth and now the most scientifically proven and validated modern day way of health.

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