The Qigong Adept

Advanced Student and Teacher Certification
Friday 1215-215p (20 Weeks 40 Hours) June 19th – October 30th

This course will teach you authentic Qigong practices to be used for self healing and longevity and can be taught as a system anywhere in the world. Qigong is the fastest growing wellness practice in the world that has an immediate health impact on individuals. Become a teacher and really start to help your community and family by learning these time proven exercises.

The Qigong Adept is a foundational Qigong course including the basic postural rules and opening class sets. The “6 Healing Sounds” is one of the oldest forms of medicine. Learn how to use these sounds with the meridian channels and sinew stretches in order to create stronger purgation and Qi movement. The “8 Sections of Brocade” taught in this course is the “5 Element Version” and helps unite the student with the Divine and Cosmic nature around us.  It helps remind the student of the seasons and nature present in the six directions. “Silk Weavers” introduces the student to the Royal Family Version of the “8 Sections of Brocade” and links the moves together in a beautiful Prayer in Motion form. At the same time, it teaches the student to be aware, “you are practicing to heal yourself, heal others, and swim in the Universe.”

The “Hun Yuan Medical Qigong Prescription Exercises” are designed to give the Medical Qigong Practitioner specific Rx Qigong exercises and also strengthen different areas of your body, including the Dantians and 8 Extraordinary Vessels. “Bak Mai” is the introduction to Martial Dynamic Hard Style Qigong, breathing methods and informs the student of different patterns and applications in different practices.  Finally, the student will be challenged to stand in the “Wuji Stance” for 20 minutes, developing a strong will and allowing their mind to dissolve into the Tao. Learning to close and seal the practice is a very important concept in Qigong and the student will learn the “Chen Village Closing” and how to pay respect to the teachers of the past, present and future and our place of practice.

Rules of Posture
Correct Breathing
Cultivation Methods

18 Rules of Posture – 3 Chi Awakening – Longevity Set
6 Healing Sounds
Five Elements – Eight Sections of Brocade
Silk Weavers
Hun Yuan Medical Prescription Exercises
Bak Mai – Hard Qigong
Wuji Stance – 20min
Chen Village Closing

$1200 / $1100 Cash – Includes detailed email handouts and video access for one year.
$1100 Early bird / $1000 Cash (or 3 Payments of $450 (cash only), five weeks prior to classes)