The Qigong Adept – Level 2 Teacher Certification 

Qigong Adept (300 Hours)
Saturday, 1230-230p June 22nd through November 30th (24 Weeks)
$1200 / $1100 Cash – Includes detailed handouts and video access for one year.
$1100 Early bird / $1000 Cash – (Before Dec 31st 2018) Additional split payment options available.

Continue your practice in the Qigong realm with an ancient form of The Eight Sections of Brocade
(Ba Duan Jin) moving version in the Silk Weavers, introduction into Dynamic Qigong exercises, Medical Qigong
Prescription exercises and learn how to push past your comfort zone in Standing Meditation and more.

Silk Weavers
Five Elements – Eight Sections
Bak Mai Hard Qigong
6 Healing Sounds
Hun Yuan Prescription Exercises
Wuji Stance – 10min Earth Energy