The Qigong Artist – Level 1 Teacher Certification

Qigong Artist (100 Hours)
Saturday, 1230-230p February 2nd through June 15th (20 Weeks)
$1000 / $950 Cash – Includes detailed handouts and video access for one year.
$900 Early bird / $850 Cash – (Before Dec 31st 2018) Additional split payment options available.

Learn the core principles of Qigong Posture, Breath and Intention.
This is a complete system of individual practice and how to set up a class format.

Salute and 3 Chi Awakening – Connect Earth, Mankind, Heaven
18 Rules of Posture Training
Longevity Set – Opening the Meridians
Hand to the Heart – Turn your hands into healing hands
Massage Qigong – Stimulate the Endocrine System
8 Section Brocade – Cleanse the Emotions
Inner Smile – Laughing Medicine
Golden Ball – Regulate the Energy
Chen Village Closing

This course will teach you authentic Qigong practices to be used for self-healing and longevity and can be taught as a system anywhere in the world.

Qigong is the fastest growing wellness practice in the world that has an immediate healthy impact on individuals. Become a teacher and really start to help your community and family by learning these time-proven exercises.