Medical Qigong Healer

Friday 1230-430p (20 Weeks – 80 Hours) Jan 17th – May 29th

Learn the powerful self cultivation Medical Qigong practice in addition to the theoretical side of Medical Qigong Therapy. Heal yourself first then you can heal others is the motto here by learning to discover your own strengthen and weakness each student will progress and become their strongest, both emotional and physically. The self Medical Qigong practice has a complete system of Purging the emotions, Tonifying the Body and Regulating the Mind to give the students a comprehensive set of tools to discover themselves. Also learn the theory of the basic Medical Qigong General Protocol of treating patients.

Medical Qigong Practitioner Self Practice Set

  1. Pulling down the Heavens
  2. Dredge Channels
  3. Counter Sway
  4. Pounding Post
  5. Trembling Horse
  6. Pulling down the Heavens
  7.  Picking up the Boulder (Rolling Spine)
  8. Yang Organ (Building the Qi Ball)
  9. Taoist 5 – Lungs, Kidney, Liver, Heart, and Spleen
  10. Turtle breathing
  11. Beating and Drumming
  12. Micro Cosmic Orbit
  13. Pulling down the Heavens

1-10 Standing Meditation Qigong Exercise

Practice of Medical Qigong Therapy
The Medical Qigong General Protocol
Embryological development
3 Invocations and Vortex Energy
Determine your element composition
Where does reflexology come from
Congenital and acquired cellular patterns
6 Healings Sounds
5 Energies of the human body – heat,
light, sound, electricity, magnetism
Sun Moon Stars in Medicine
Earth Wind and Water in Medicine
18 Types of Energy
Energy Extension Exercises
Manifesting Energy
Chakras and Meditations
and more

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