3 Chi-Awaking Exercises

Gather Heavenly Chi: Feet begin shoulder distance apart, breathe in with the tongue to the roof of the mouth. Hands begin at the lower dan tien (stomach area) reaching out as you gather energy from the universe, hands rise over your head as you bring down universal energy over your entire body. Breathe deep and calm.

Gather Earth Chi:
Feet remain the same, hands begin close to the sides as you draw up energy from the earth. Breathing in as your hands rise up in front of you with palms facing down, slightly moving back when they reach shoulder height. Continue in a smooth flowing motion as you breathe out your hands float gently down to your sides. Feel the connection and energy emitting from the earth.

Combine Heaven and Earth Chi: Feet remain the same, hands begin at the lower dan tien area, as you breathe in your hands rise up to heart level. Bringing down Heavenly Chi and bringing up Earth Chi. Slightly hold as your hands come straight forward breathe out as you form a shield around your body of golden light.