The Inner Smile – 5 Elements and The 6 Healings Sounds with  Healing Affirmations


1) Bring Awareness to the Spleen and Stomach / Color Yellow
Healing Sounds: Haw and Shoe – or Who
Inhale Positive – Acceptance, Openness, Trust
Exhale Negative – Regret, Remorse, Worry
Affirmation – I trust the process of the universe. I AM Safe.

2) Bring Awareness to the Lungs / Color White
Healing Sounds: Ssss – or Shhh
Inhale Positive – Integrity, Dignity, Courage
Exhale Negative – Despair, Guilt, Sadness, Shame, Acknowledgement
Affirmation – I take the good and learn from the rest. I AM Righteous

3) Bring Awareness to the Kidneys / Color Blue
Healing Sounds:  Shu-way and Fu – or Chree
Inhale Positive – Confidence, Gentleness, Endurance, Will-Power
Exhale Negative – Insecurity, Phobias, All Fears
Affirmation – Divine right action is always taking place in my life. I AM Confident

4) Bring Awareness to the Liver / Color Green
Healing Sounds:  Sssh – or Shoe
Inhale Positive – Compassion, Kindness ,Benevolence
Exhale Negative – Resentment, Frustration, Anger, Rage
Affirmation – I am kind to other, regardless of how I feel.  I AM Patient

5) Bring Awareness to the Heart / Color Red
Healing Sounds: Aw – or Ha
Inhale Positive – Peace, Tranquility, Order
Exhale Negative – Agitation, Nervousness, Hysteria
Affirmation – I love my self & others the same. I AM Loved

6) Triple Warmers
Healing Sounds: He – or She

Inhale – All of my emotions are…
Exhale – Balanced and Calm