The Longevity Set


These stretching exercises are done to lubricate the joints and open the meridians.
This set should be performed before any type of Qigong, Tai Chi or any physical activity.

  1. Fingers and wrist rotations both directions
  2. Elbow rotations both directions / count finger tips
  3. Shoulder rotations both directions with shoulder rolling together on the sides then crossing in front then individually, end with rolling shoulder backwards
  4. Neck Rotations both directions careful to elongate spine and tuck chin down
  5. Align the spine, start with hands above the head and twist spine back and forth dropping down 1 inch each rotation, opening each of the twenty four movable vertebrae. Start to move up gently swinging arms back and forth massaging your organs as you move up. Gently tapping lung and kidney then Dan Tien and Ming Min at the same time
  6. Interlace fingers and stretch arms above head palms facing up stretch up then reach up coming up as high as you can on tips of your toes then rolling the back as you come up. Stretch up then reach up turning to the Right drop arms down with fingers still interlaced try to touch the ground making a full circle. Repeat opposite side. End by coming back to the center stretching up then reaching up the to tips of toes, and let arms float down
  7. Stretch spine front and back. Arms out to the sides lean back keeping arms extended rotating hands backwards then lean forward head down arms rotating to palms facing up
  8. Stretch spine to the side. Raise right arm above your head, tilt body to the left arching the spine, then left arm up and stretch to the right
  9. Rotate waist both direction
  10. Rotate hips in a circular motion then pushing your hips out to the sides to form ovals. Then switch directions
  11. Stand with feet together. Gather Qi by rubbing hands together then push your chi through your knees keeping your thumbs between your knees to prevent your knees from touching. Make small medium and large circles with yours knees. Then switch directions
  12. Step out and warm up inside of the knees then out outside of knees
  13. Step back with right foot and flatten the toes from side to side then pumping blood down to each toe starting with the big toe for a ten count
  14. Ankle Rotations both directions
  15. Shake it out
  16. Repeat 13-15 with other foot
  17. Shake and loosen the whole body