Massage Qigong


Begin each exercise by rubbing the hands together to create heat and energy.

Movements can be performed in sets of 8, 9, 10, 24 or more.

  1. Palms on eyes and rub to temples
  2. Rub index and thumbs from bridge along upper eye sockets
  3. Rub back of thumbs from bridge along lower eye sockets
  4. Rub back of thumbs down sides of the nose
  5. Rub thumbs from chin to ear
  6. Fleshy part of thumbs massage temples in small circles, both ways
  7. Cover and pop ears 5x
  8. Massage ears (start on the bottom and move to the top, inside and center)
  9. Tapping the whole face and smile
  10. Forefingers drum jade pillow 36x
  11. Bend forward, drum jade pillows 9x
  12. Rake fingernails from temples to jade pillow
  13. Hands from forehead along top of skull (slicking hair back)
  14. Chat teeth 36x
  15. Tongue circles (Roof of mouth, front of gums, behind teeth) 16. Tongue pokes (sides of cheeks, under tongue) 17. Swallow the Immortal Essence (divide in three dosages / swallow the pill)
  16. Massage neck – both sides
  17. Massage left trapezium to pectoral
  18. Massage right trapezium to pectoral
  19. Tap the armpit and down the sides 3x 22. Leopard paw beats sternum 23. Rub the kidneys, circling downward (inboard)
  20. Lightly drum kidneys
  21. Rub the kidneys, circling upward (outboard) 26. Massage under ribs
  22. Left hand on ming-min point, massage abdomen clockwise 9x
  23. Right hand on ming-min point, massage abdomen counter clockwise 9x
  24. Left hand at waist and massages under rib cage, moving up and half way down
  25. Right hand at waist and massages under rib cage, moving up and half way down 31. Rubbing hips (sides, back, front) 32. Pushing energy through the hips (left and right back and forth) 33. Drumming down the legs (front, sides, in between, back, inside)
  26. Massage knees, both directions
  27. Pulling water off the arm, left side
  28. Pulling water off the arm, right side
  29. Pulling water off the left leg, left heel stance
  30. Pulling water off the right leg, right heel stance
  31. Monkey jolting up 10x then jolting with heels 10x
  32. Monkey jolting down 10x then jolting with heel 10x
  33. Step in and gather chi from the universe and seal