Hand to the Heart Qigong


Begin each exercise by rubbing the hands together to create hot or cold chi and energy.
Movements can be performed in sets of 24 – 36 X or more.

1. Top chopping
2. Bottom chopping
3. Wrist tapping
4. Thumb webs (Tigers Mouth)
5. Hand webs tapping
6. Finger tip tapping
7. Tapping back of hands
8. All over clapping
9. Stretch – Massage center of palm with thumb (Long Gao)
10. Stretch – Massage Lung point on thumb
11. Stretch – Massage General Balance in between thumb and index
12. Stretch – Massage Heart Point
13. Stretch – Massage with middle finger elbow point
14. Stretch – Tracing finger tendons inside of palm from center starting with thumb
15. Stretch – Tracing finger tendons outside of palm from center starting with pinkie
16. Stretch – Shimmy and pop the fingers
17. Wash the hands and stretch
18. Energy Gather set – Splash water, one hand up one hand down, chi wave, chi pulse, circle gather and play.