New teacher and student scholarship programs available!

More structured classes to accommodate different levels of students.
Have you wanted to learn Qigong or Tai Chi but just don’t have the extra money?
Are you looking to teach or maybe just add some new workouts or motivation to your personal practice of exercise or meditation?
We now offer three types of scholarships for the different levels of students.
Level 1
20 classes or workshop credit
Value $200 (15 hours work)
Level 2
50 classes or workshop credit
Value $500 (40 hours work)
“The Qigong Artist” Level 1 Teacher Certification
(1 Year – 100 hours Minimum Requirement)

100 classes or workshop credit
Value $1000 (75 hours work)
Note: these are personal contracts with NOHC that you will work for the value of your scholarship over a three, six months or one-year term or pay the remaining monetary value in full.

For further inquiries please email us at or call us at 702-433-3874