Tai Chi (Tai Chi Chuan) Part 1

Advanced Student and teacher Certification
Saturday, 10-12p (20 Weeks 40 Hours) Jan 18th – May 30th

Learn the etiquette of what a Yang Style Tai Chi Class should follow and proper saluting in and saluting out. The History of Tai Chi has both a richly theatrical and with modern research a more accurate understanding of this course will uncover both. Tai Chi has numerous Theories and Therapeutic Benefits that will unlock greater health understanding and help the practitioner to full advantage of its health powers. What are Yang Cheng Fu’s Ten Principles and how can we incorporate these into our Tai Chi form? Learn to understand the Six Harmonies, Stretching Sets, Chan Ssu Jin (Silk Reeling) and Yow Jin (Waist Training) methods and the powerful and graceful Yang 48 Form. In addition to learning the regular classroom structure and exercises, this beginning level course will practice the Yang 48 Form numerous times in many different ways to fully immerse the student in the beneficial meditating aspects as well as the fierce fighting mental aspects that go into a well-rounded practice.

Salute and 3 Qi Awakening exercises
Stretch Set – Temple exercises, 5 forward set, 3 sides set
Chan Ssu Jin – Tracing the Yin Yang, Tracing double circles, Grinding Corn
Yow Jin – Wild Horse, Brush Knee and Push, , Wave Hands like Clouds and Grasp the Birds Tail Sequence
Yang Style 48 Form – Slow pace about 10min
Standing Meditation – Earth Heaven Man Tree Posture – 10min
Intro to Sensing Hands – Rooting Skills and Drills, Half Circle, Vertical, Horizontal single and two handed drills.

$1100 or $1000 Cash – Includes detailed email handouts and video access for one year.
$1000 Early bird / $900 Cash (or 3 Payments of $365 (cash only), five weeks prior to classes)