The 8 Energies

  1. Peng – Ward Off I will be writing an in depth post about this one as it is very involved. Until then one basic way to think about peng is to put a large shield between you and an oncoming object and your body structure is braced behind the shield to deflect the oncoming object thereby warding it off.
  2. Lu – Roll Back Turning in any direction to help cause an incoming force to deflect off to the side or over or around you.
  3. Ji – Press Squeezing into or pressing into an object and causing as much of your alignment body force as possible to be concentrated into a small area. Often Ji involves expressing two directions of force together into one point forcing the recipient to be moved away by the squeezing out action.
  4. An – Push Gather and receive power then express power out usually in a direction that is under then up to lift and push through.
  5. Cai – Pluck Think about plucking / picking fruit off of a tree with your fingers. In this case the action is against some body part of the other person’s such as their fingers or their elbow. The action is designed to suddenly pull the opponent out of alignment and position.
  6. Lieh – Split Think of pulling with one arm and pushing with the other as in an arm break / manipulation.
  7. Zhou – Elbow In this case the elbow with full body weight behind it.
  8. Kao – Shoulder In this case the shoulder with full body weight behind it.

Back The back can also be used although it does not have its own separate designation in the 13. Usually the shoulder is used first and then if the shoulder is circumvented then the back can be turned into play.

The 5 Steps

  1. Advancing Forward Steps The expression of momentum added to the action.
  2. Retreating Backwards Steps Causing a vacuum for the opponent to overextend and fall into. The idea of leading the opponent into defeat.
  3. Stepping to the Left 4. Stepping to the Right The idea of avoiding and dissipating incoming force while gaining positional advantage.
  4. Zhong Ding – Central Equilibrium The vertical axis that everything else rotates around and up and down connection.