Tai Chi (Taiji Chuan) Yang and Chen Style Class

Each class is always different and focuses on physical and mental practice and theory of Tai Chi martial and health principles.
We always welcome beginners and every class is a complete practice so you can attend anytime.

Salute (Each Other, Past/Present Masters)

Three Chi Awaking Exercises


Warm-Up “Longevity Set”

Temple Warm-up Exercises

Open the Bamboo

Slapping Down & Behind (Shanghai Exercise)

Kicks – Leg Stretching


Chan Ssu Jin (Silk Reeling Energy)

San Bao (Three Treasures)

Tracing the Yin/Yang

Grinding Corn

Wave Hands like Clouds

(Other Chan Ssu Jin Exercises)


Yow Jin (Waist Training)

Part the Wild Horse Mane – Ye Ma Feng Zong

Grasp the Birds Tail Sequence – Lan Che Wei

Peng = Expand Lu = Yield Ji = Press An = Push

(Other Yow Jin Exercises)


Practice Form

“Six Harmonies”

Three External- (Shoulder to Hips, Elbows to Knees, Hands to Feet)

Three Internal- (Heart to Mind, Mind to Vital Energy, Vital Energy to Internal Force)


Push Hands (Jolt the Body)


Meditation – Wuji Posture


Chen Village Closing

Salute (Past/Present Masters, Each Other)