Tai Chi (Taiji Chuan)

Yang 48 Form


Opening – Gather Chi from Heavens – Step out and connect to the Earth


1) Raise right arm – turn right – embrace moon

2) Wild horse parts his mane – left

3) Ward off (right); yield; expand press; yield roll back; push

4) Redirect – Single whip (left)

5) Play the pipaw (right press – right heel stance)

6) Right foot step in; Embrace the moon-left hand on top

7) White crane cools his wings (right side)

8) Brush knee and push – 3 x’s (right side first)

9) Play the pipaw (left press – left heel stance)

10) Press down left side; back fist with right hand; side sweep with right foot

11) Snake sticks out tongue (left hand jab)

12) Punch with right – Wipe off

13) Apparent close up

14) Embrace moon – left hand on top, pivot right, Slanting flying (right side)

15) Pivot left-draw circle, Block left, Fist under elbow’

16) Small punch to ribs

17) Repulse the Monkey – (right side 1st) 2 x’s (turn right)

18) Embrace the moon left hand on top, Pivot right ­ switch hands, left hand on top – (Lion turns the ball)

19) Fair lady works the shuttle – left, Fair lady works the shuttle right

20) Wild horse parts his mane – 2 x’s (left 1st)

21) Wave hands like clouds – 3 x’s

22) Single whip – left press

23) High pat on the horse’s head

24) Step left-circle right palms down-shift left-palms up,

then right palms down, Separation of the right foot (kick), wipe down

25) Golden wind between the ears

26) Open up, Circle arms, Separation of the left (kick)

27) Step around front with left foot – pivot turn, Kick with sole – right foot

28) Step back with right foot, Block right, brush left, dive for the needle

29) Step forward left foot – twist-fan to the back

30) Chop with right fist-left hand on hip

31) Draw right foot in, right fist to left hip, Sweep right foot, back fist right hand, chop left

32) Government cross over

33) Circle arms, front kick (right leg)

34) Step back (left foot cat stance), wipe down, (Tiger) Hit high & low – left hand high, yield

35) Pivot right, cat stance right, wipe down

36) Expand – (Tiger) hit high & low – right hand high

37) Snake creeps down right leg

38) Golden rooster stands on his right, then left

39) Brush knee left hand & punch down (right)

40) Grasp the bird tail series

41) Single whip

42) Snake creeps down left leg

43) 7 star (right cat stance)

44) White crane cools his wings, spin-Lotus kick (right leg)

45) Draw the bow to shoot the tiger (right)

46) Back fist, parry punch

47) Apparent close up

48) Circle right – pick up the tiger and return to the mountain…


Close the gate and seal the chi