Tai Chi (Taiji Chuan) Chen 56 Form



1) Commencing Form (Gather the Tao and Spiral)
2) Buddha’s Warrior Attendant Pounds Mortar (Right Style)
3) Lazily Tying the Coat
4) Six Sealing and Four Closings Sequence (Right Style)
5) Single Whip (Left Style)
6) Parry and Punch with Elbows (Ba Na Shuay)
7) Protect Heart with Fist
8) White Crane Spreads Its Wings
9) Walk Obliquely and Twist Step
10) Lift Knee, Push and Press Palms
11) Wade Forward and Twist Step
12) Cover Hands and Strike with Fist
13) Parry with Fist
14) Lean and Break with Back
15) Blue Green Dragon Rises from the Water
16) Slice with Palm
17) Turn and Press with Palms
18) Pull Flowers from Bottom of the Sea
19) Cover Hands and Strike with Fist (Right Style)
20) Six Sealing and Four Closing Sequence
21) Single Whip (Right Style)

22) Wave Hands like Clouds (Rightwards)
23) Wave Hands like Clouds (Leftwards)
24) Pat High on the Horse
25) Combined Cannons (Right Style)
26) Combined Cannons Left Style)
27) Deflect Through the Back

28) Strike Groin with Fist
29) White Ape Presents Fruit
30) Push with both Hands
31) Middle Winding
32) Forward Trick
33) Backward Trick
34) Wild Horse Parts its Mane (Right Style)
35) Wild Horse Parts its Mane (Left Style)
36) Lotus Kick and Drop into Splits
37) Golden Rooster Stands on One Leg (Both Sides)

38) Step Backwards and Whirl Arms
39) Step Backwards and Press Elbows
40) Cross Arms and Slap Foot
41) Turn and Kick with Outer Edge of Foot
42) Pull Flowers from Bottom of Sea
43) Striking Towards Groin with Fist
44) Turn Body and Front Jump Kick
45) Stamp with Both Feet
46) Kick with Heel
47) Fair lady Works the Shuttles
48) Smooth Elbowing
49) Wrap Firecrackers
50) Dragon Dives to the Ground
51) Step forward with Seven Star
52) Step Backward and Straddle the Tiger
53) Turn Body and Lotus Kick
54) Strike with Cannon Fist
55) Buddha’s Warrior Pounds Mortar (Left Style)
56) Closing Form