Tai Chi (Taiji Chuan) Yang Style Saber Class

Salute in
Longevity Set
Stretch Set

Qigong – Hand to Heart, Sword Mudra, Use both hands

Withdraw Sword
Vertical Thrust (Stomach-Heart-Throat
Figure eight Chopping / both way
Figure eight Slashing / both ways
Sweeping (cutting tree roots & flower top
Four Corner Blocking
Five Corner Blocking/Attack
Rain Roof Defense/Attack
Wrap Sequence / both ways

Form Applications and Sets practice

Form – 48 Yang Dao (Broad Sword)
Judge Salute

Meditation – Sword on Lap

Form (Fast)

Meditation again Salute out




Tai Chi (Taiji Chuan) Jian (Double Edge) Style Class

WuDang – Double Edge Sword Play


  1. Withdraw to Enlighten Sword / both sides
  2. Withdraw Sword Edge Horizontal / both sides
  3. Tapping / both sides
  4. Vertical Thrust
  5. Horizontal Thrust
  6. Prostrating Thrust
  7. Intercept Downward / both sides
  8. Intercept Upward / both sides
  9. Four Corner Blocking
  10. Five Corner Blocking – Attack
  11. Rain Roof Defense / Attack
  12. Figure Eight Chopping / both ways
  13. Slashing / both ways
  14. Sweeping (Cutting Old Tree Roots and Cutting Flower Tops)
  15. Chop and Swing from Behind
  16. Circling – both ways
  17. Redirect then Thrust


Practice with both hands…