Tai Chi (Tai Chi Chuan) – Master Curriculum

Tai Chi (Tai Chi Chuan) – Master Curriculum

Part 1
Learn the etiquette of what a Tai Chi Class should follow and proper saluting in and saluting out. The History of Tai Chi has both a rich theatrical and with modern research a more accurate understanding this course will uncover both. Tai Chi has numerous Theory and Therapeutic Benefits that will unlock greater health understanding and help the practitioner spread it benefits. What are Yang Cheng Fu’s Ten Principles and how can we incorporate these into out Tai Chi form? Learn to understand the Six Harmonies, Stretching Sets, Chan Ssu Jin (Silk Reeling) and Yow Jin (Waist Training) methods and the powerful and graceful  Yang 48 Form.

Salute and 3 Qi Awakening exercises
Stretch Set – Temple exercises, 5 forward set, 3 sides set
Chan Ssu Jin – Tracing the Yin Yang, Tracing double circles, Grinding Corn
Yow Jin – Wild Horse, Brush Knee and Push, , Wave Hands like Clouds and Grasp the Birds Tail Sequence
Yang Style 48 Form – Slow pace about 10min
Standing Meditation – Earth Heaven Man Tree Posture – 10min
Intro to Sensing Hands – Rooting Skills and Drills, Half Circle, Vertical, Horizontal single and two handed drills

Part 2
Learn the form on a deeper level!
The Saber Form
Form Applications
Intro to the I Chuan Standing Meditations

Stretch Set – 5 kicks four directions, Leg lifts 4 styles
Temple Exercises – Shang Hi, Open the Bamboo
Kicks – Slap forward kicks, sweep kicks (lotus), slow balance kicks
Chan Ssu Jin – Spiral Downward, Polishing Mirrors, Phoenix Rising, Tea Cups
Yow Jin – Fair Lady, Repulse the Monkey and the 8 Energies in Grasp the Birds Tail Sequence
Yang Style 48 Form – Fast Paced, No legs, No arms
Additional Forms – Yang Style Saber 48
Standing Meditation –
Immortal Brace the Post 20min
Push Hands – Intermediate Skills, 8 Powers (Concepts of Pang Lu Ji An Ci Le Sho Cao), 5 Steps

Advanced Level

Chan Ssu Jin – Golden Wind Twin Dragons, Circle Chopping, Tea Pots,
Heaven and Earth, Dragon Diving
FaJin – Jing, Qi and Shen / Explanation of the three Jin categories and twenty types. Opening out and in with body parts, Ban Nan Chuay, Thunder kicks… Plus
Yang Style 48 Form – Moving in a box, Opposite Direction
Standing Meditation – Yin and Yang Fire and Water – Immortal Brace the Post 20min
Understand the 13 postures.

Additional Forms – Yang Style Fan, Yang Style Saber 48, Yang Style Jian, Chen Style 56, Chen Style Saber, Yang Style 24
Push Hands
Advanced Techniques and Psychological Strategies
Spiritual Aspects of the Forms and Esoteric Philosophy