“Thanks for making the classes affordable. Needles to say….
I enjoy being among your students, and learning Chi Kung as well as
working to improve my Tai Chi form”. – Doris

Saturday mornings class was outstanding –
Again, I thank you for opening up the door for me to embrace
the Chi Kung philosophies — you are an excellent teacher
and I am grateful.
Smiles from the heart…Kat

Thank you very much for your inspiration! – Gayle Stoner

There are times in your life you meet people and you have
the feeling you have known them all your life. It is a good
feeling when it happens and it is worth travelling for the
memories left when you head back home. I have tried different
types of Qi gong but the one JC practices with such a great
desire to share has been during the little time I spent in Vegas
the most fulfilling. But beyond the technique is it not the person
who teaches the most important ?

Thank you JC for your generosity

My favorite proverb (Japanese) :
“I am the one that points at the moon, I am not the moon”

friendship, Chris

Hi JC,

I wanted to say thanks again for that great energy
visualizations you taught last night at Lohan. Could you send
me the steps for the movements and the colors. I was trying to
remember everything. It was very relaxing and I could really feel
the chi movements inside my body. It is always great to have
you teach.

Thanks – Glenn

Heart-felt thanks JC for introducing me to the magical worlds
of REAL Chi Kung and TRADITIONAL Tai Chi and their amazing
physical, mental and spiritual benefits. It’s an exciting and
rewarding journey. You’re a refreshingly knowledgeable,
sensitive and inspiring guide. – Dodie Amundson

Master Sifu,

I have been involved in martial arts since 1986, I have
‘been around the world’ and had many teachers in all aspects.
Some have been good and some not so, but I would like to say
that you are the one master I have had that have made the
bridge that has helped show me the parts missing from my
training over the years. I feel your way of teaching tai chi has
given me the missing link I was searching for, the class with
chi kung has added a dimension that I guess filled a part of
my whole that was still questioning for a link to complete a
bridge between physical, mental and spiritual. Besides that
your classes are great fun and hugely educational, I am very
proud to call myself a student of Golden Dragon and just that
makes me walk a little taller every day.

thank you JC

your humble student T.

I have been doing both tai chi and chi kung 3 times a week.
I went to the pulmonologist last week for my check-up. He
was amazed to see that my breathing had actually improved.
When I told him that I attribute it to “re-learning” how to breathe
in tai chi and chi kung classes, he readily agreed that it was a
good possibility. Where he believes it a “good possibility,” I
am certain that these classes have made a real change
in my health.
– Helene Reis

Hello JC,

I had been looking for a good Tai Chi instructor for my arthritic
and asthmatic conditions for quite sometime as the previous
classes I had been enrolled weren’t very helpful until I met you.

The warm-up exercises and Tai Chi movements you teach
have been very helpful …..they reduce the joint stiffness and pain
greatly, also, I have fun being there with other students. The most
important point I wanted to bring up was that I no longer take
pain medication for arthritis.

Chi Kung was something very unfamiliar to me until I attended
your first class not long ago but started enjoying it almost
immediately. It very definitely concentrates on positive emotions
and gives me inner peace when we practice Inner Nourishing
Chi Kung. It has improved my life as I can purge negative
emotions and try to focus on positive thoughts. All the other
things like breathing exercises, opening the meridians,
massage Chi Kung and etc….you teach are wonderfully
helpful and I enjoy it a lot.

I just wanted to say “Thank You” – Chiyoko Marchand

I just want to say that I think you are a wonderful teacher; and
that your energy is refreshing. 🙂
– Patricia